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OEM 10 Count HP 25 TriColor & 26 Black Ink Cartridge

(x1) HP 25 TriColor 51625A Exp. 11/2003 

(x9) HP 26 Black 51626A Exp. 1998-2012

*The Expiration Date On One Of The 

Black Cartridges Is Unknown.

*For DeskJet 310/320/340/plus/400/420/500


*For DeskWriter c/310/320/400/510/520/540/550/560

*For DesignJet 200/220/600 *For OfficeJet lx/300/330/350

*For HP Fax 200/300/310/700/750/900/950

*For APOLLO P-1200/P-1220/P-1250i


USPS Priority Mail!!!!

For faster shipping service, please send us a message or contact us. 

Copier Clearance Center

Copier Clearance Center was established in 1993. We buy and sell both domestically and internationally and have wide assortment of used copiers, fax machines and printers of all brands. All of our copiers are in house and available for your inspection. They all have been tested and rated for functions, cosmetics and overall appearance. We also sell genuine accessories of all popular brands. Our accessories include toners, imaging units, developers and copier parts such as fax board, fixing unit, fuser unit, roller, cleaning brush, drum blades etc.

For more detailed information on our current inventory of Copiers and Accessories all potential buyers or their representatives are welcome to give us a call. We are more than happy to assist you with the pricing and guide you to find the copiers you wish to buy.

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Copier Clearance Center

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